Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I need to post about our offshore trip but I can't seem to find time. Work today was sooo hectic. It usually is when I take vacation. I am the only person who handles the after-market parts sales so what comes in while I am gone stays there until I can get to it. My hope is to be caught up by the end of September. July 20th I am flying out to San Diego, CA for a week of visiting customers. I fly back on the 25th then on the 27th there is a Women's Scratch Bowling Tournament that I will be bowling in Benton. The first weekend in August there is a state youth bowling meeting in Cabot (may try to get excused from) and the second weekend we are having our annual state bowling board meeting (cannot get excused from). In the mean time I really think Nora Claire is going to decide to show up the week I am in San Diego. I may be wrong but I am sure feeling it.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow night I will have time to post about our offshore trip.