Sunday, July 6, 2008

Inshore Fishing

Well this is a day late but yesterday was.......HOT!

The morning started off by running into a few sprinkles. I will be the first to say that when it comes to fishing I do not mind fishing in the rain. We went to a new area that we've never been to but Darryl (our guide) is the export at where to go. That is why we hire him.

We ran for a few minutes and stopped to see what the water looked like. If the water is muddy the specks (speckled trout) will not bite. When we stopped we found muddy water. We headed to another spot. One thing you look for when you inshore fish is birds. Whever the birds are the bait fish are. Wherever the bait fish are the fish are. Well we found birds and we even found bait fish running. We caught 3 specks right away and then the bite just stopped.

We've been coming down here at least once a year (the past two years twice a year) since July 2004. I can honestly say that in all of our summer fishing trips it has NEVER been as hot as it was yesterday. The sun was out with no shade and there was no wind. We fished for specks for about 6 hours and we caught 30 specks. Some may think this is good but you can keep 25 specks per preson. We also caught 4 red fish (what we really like the best), 2 sheephead and 4 black drum. We did not catch our limit on any inshore species but all in all the day was okay.

I will say that we've become really spoiled with our inshore fishing, well I will go ahead and say inshore catching. You have to have days like yesterday to make you fully appreciate the hard days like today.

Here is a picture of a sheephead that Jason caught. YES those are teeth in that fishes mouth. It is the weirdest thing I've seen.

Trips of our offshore trip today will be posted tomorrow


Michael said...

SO..... When are we eating all this fish which you worked so hard to catch??

I'll be glad to swap out some Bream! :-)

kelly said...

Okay, so I think Anthony is a little sad that he didn't go now.

bowling1 said...

The inshore was rough but the offshore was soooooo easy. It kind of evened out. I sure missed him on Sunday because the way the tuna was biting and swimming towards the boat he would have thought "this is ridiculously easy"!