Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Goals

I'm not in a habit of New Years Resolutions....they are too easy to break. Instead I'm into goals. Something more rewarding when achieving a goal. Here are my goals for 2010:

1) Alongside with my husband........loose weight
2) Cut down on frivilous spending
3) Try to enjoy bowling more
4) Tell people "I LOVE YOU" more....even if they KNOW it, sometimes they just need to HEAR it
5) Do less SeaArk work after hours, on personal trips and vacations....this will be very HARD for me
6) Go to Portland, OR to visit my husband's sister
7) Take my mom to Chicago to visit her sister
8) Actually say what's on my mind and not just think it. For this I know I will offend someone, so I will go ahead and apologize now
9) Take more spur of the moment motorcycle trips on the weekends

I'm anxious to see how many of these goals I actually achieve in 2010!