Monday, July 21, 2008

San Diego

Back in September at our company sales meeting the president of the company said that I could travel to visit customers. Well along with attending MACC in Norfolk, VA the beginning of June I am currently in San Diego, CA. The furthest west I've been has been Las Vegas and that was for about 7 hours.

Where do I start? The weather....I am not lying when I saw the temperature is in the mid to upper 70's and absolutely NO humidity. I am staying at the Holiday Inn On The Bay and am on the 12th floor and I have a wonderful view of the bay. The USS Midway (decomissioned) is stationed over to the left of the hotel and is currently a museum. Just in front of the balcony is the sailship The Star of India, which you can also go on. Just to the right of the balcony there is a Russian submarine that is also a museum.

Today was kind of slow. We (Mike Caldwell, no relation) went to the naval base to work on getting me a pass to get on the various bases here in San Diego. After about a 2 hour wait all of the necessary paperwork was filled out and my pass is actually valid until January 2009. We got to meet with a few guys today briefly (we will have our official meeting with that group on Thursday) and couldn't make arrangements for any more meetings. We had lunch in the GasLamp district, rode over to Imperial Beach, drove through Coronado and saw the Hotel De Coronado, drove over the Coronado bridge (very, very tall bridge) and finished the day by eating dinner at Anthony's Fish Grotto. I chose the Pacif Red Snapper and must say that I was not impressed. It is a very dry fish so I guess we will have to come up with some "wet" recipe to cook our snapper.

Tomorrow's day will start around 9:30 a.m. (11:30 a.m. back home) with one of two visits. I will be meeting military customers that I talk with alot and have had the opportunity to meet at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans a few years back.

On Wednesday we are meeting with MESG-1. I've dealt with 2 gentlemen from the group for about 2 1/2 years now and I am so excited about getting to put a face to the name. Both guys are great to work with, easy to get along with and not to mention one of my biggest customers (presently speaking). We will be meeting with their boss also and taking them out to lunch. Even though I am excited to meet them I am very anxious. Now THEY will have a face to a name when they go to fuss about me :).

Also tomorrow my brother is having an arterialgram done at Baptist in LR. After the little heart scare last Saturday he was able to immediatley see a cardiologist who decided (due to our family history) it would be best to skip all of the "little" test and go ahead and do the one that will actually immediatley show what is going on. This is very hard for me not to be there BUT my trip has been planned since June and whatever will happen is going to happen if I am there or not.

Hopefully I will have more pictures to post before I leave!


Michael said...

I am envious that you are in San Diego. It is a great place. There are some rougher spots I'm sure you will not be privledged enough to visit while you are there.

The weather sounds awesome. I wish it were that nice here. It was awfully hot today but not as bad as yesterday.

bowling1 said...

Yea I will definately dread leaving the cool temps here but I am kind of ready to come home. Two more customer visits tomorrow and I get on a plane Friday at 10:45 a.m. my time and land in LR at 6:15 p.m. your time.

Mrs. Collins just L O V E S you!!!

Michael said...

Have as much fun while you can there before you come back to the real world.... :-)

She told me she had given you a report but she would not tell me what she said. She did say it was all good! You may not recognize some things over there.

Lucy is gone by the way. - was not my fault thankfully!!!

bowling1 said...

The report was all good :)

Yeah I heard from Jason that Lucy escaped. My thought on that is that she needs to go ahead and give you a key to her gate. That way she won't have to let you in, therefore not leaving the house garage door open....she did tell Jason real quick that it was HER fault.

Tomorrow after meeting with 2 customers Mike is taking me souvenier shopping and then we are eating at Ruth Chris' Steak House. I know its very expensive and I will probably very under dressed. At least I do have a nice white top to wear with my blue jeans ;0). All the meals out here are expensive. Yesterday's lunch average $30 per person x 4 and breakfast this morning was $42. I am beginning to think my chips & coke would be best.

I've enjoyed my time out here and as a matter of fact really wished that Jason would have come. This is definately one city that I will come back to with Jason.