Monday, July 28, 2008

Bowling With the Big Girls

I spent yesterday in Benton bowling in a women's scratch tournament. There were 16 ladies and I can easily say it was some of the best women bowlers in the state (don't laugh cause I was bowling).

I will start off by saying that I did not check to see if all of my equipment got loaded in the car. I got to Woodlawn and called Jason to see if he put my shoe bag in the trunk. He did not. This is not the first time I've left my shoes at home. When I had a 6-ball bag I had enough room for EVERYTHING. With going to a 4-ball bag I do not have room for everything. I know, I know.....leaving your bowling shoes is worse than a softball player leaving their cleats at home.

Upon arrival at the bowling center I paid my entry fee and then went looking to see if the pro shop was open so I could hopefully buy some shoes. Well the pro shop was not open and the guy at the counter offered me a pair of the house shoes. I told him that I did not mind paying for a good pair of shoes. Well he had a key and got me in. After searching for about 5 minutes I found a pair...actually in my size but white. I don't wear white shoes. I wear dark/black/fire shoes, but they fit, were comfortable and didn't need any breaking in.

With being out of state last week I got no practice and I've not bowl this summer. I got to bowl on the lanes with Rachael Perez. When there was a professional women's Rachael bowled on the tour full time. The first game I actually beat Rachael 247 - 215. The next game she bowled 300. She finished the last game with 279.

After the first game I was actually #1. After the qualifying 4 games I was seated 3rd (not too bad with no practice & not my own shoes). The field of 16 was then cut to the top 8 (double elimination). My being 3rd I bowled the 6th person. Well the game was not good for me. I kept sticking on one lane and (hindsight being 20/20) I really should have stopped and had them clean the approach. I got my a-- handed to me to the tune of 181-235. This put me into the loser's bracket. My next match I was able to slide and I started off with 6 in a row. Frame 7 I ended up with a split & opened. I had another spare and a strike in the ninth. I knew going into the 10th I had to have 3 strikes to shut my opponent out. Well I left the 10-pin, spared and struck. My opponent had to throw 2 strikes in the 10th to shut me out. Well she threw 3. I ended up (with one open) with a 226 and my opponent had a 243. Her two games after that was a 180 something & a 170 something (damn why couldn't she bowl that against me.) The first opponent that beat me ended up 4th and my second opponent ended up 3rd.

I hated to be the first person to get put do you go from 3rd to 8th in two games? I guess that is why they call it bowling and not striking & sparing.

All in all I am very pleased. Rachael complimented me on my bowling (I've taken bowling lessons from her before) and that made me feel real good.

SO, my new pair of WHITE shoes will forever stay in my car (just in case) and I look forward to our next stop. We will be bowling once a quarter and might even have a stop here in Monticello. If so I will let everyone know and maybe you can stop by and not only support the tournament as a whole but even show a little support on my behalf....I won't pay you though!


Michael said...

Were they glass slipper shoes? Did you click 'em together?

The Perry Family said...

You know I ain't laughin'! You are awesome, Karen! Especially to do so well with no practice and new shoes! Can't wait for August 26th!

A.J. Huffman said...

You may be good at real bowling, but I still have a higher score than you on facebook bowling buddies!