Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nascar Race in Memphis

Yesterday Jason, his dad and I went to Memphis for the Nascar Nationwide race. For Father's Day we got Jason's dad a ticket (we did this last year also).

We left yesterday morning about 6:20 a.m. and got to the track around 9:45 a.m. We as we were setting up the tint my newphew Neil and Anna came up. Neil and Anna went to get their tickets and Jason and I went to get our scanners. After meeting back up at the truck we grilled chicken, corn and I made a Doe's salad. The weather was nothing but sunshine and windy! After lunch and a quick clean up we headed into the track and to our seats. We sit in Grandstand J on row 56...that is the grandstand going into turn 1 and is ALL the way up top. As I mentioned earlier the weather was awesome. The only thing I could have asked for was a little less wind. The National Anthem was performed by country group Half Way to Hazard and they did a good job. After a flyover by an Apache helicopter the race got started.

Last year's race had a record 25 cautions which made for one of the worst races I've seen, whether it be on tv or in person. This year the boys played nice and it was actually a great race. For the second time this year (Bristol) we got to see Carl Edwards do his backflip. There is a good possibility that he will get to do the backflip today. As of 9 laps to go he is in 1st.

After the race we made it back to the truck and grilled hamburgers. Neil and Anna also stayed and had dinner with us. By the time we got through eating all of the traffic was gone and we easily got out of the track. Just outside of Memphis my nose started running and my throat started hurting. I think from there to Monticello I used a minimum of 10 tissues blowing my nose and sticking them up the nose because it was draining. Once we dropped Jason's dad off we went to Wal-mart to pick up some sinus/cold medicine & Chloraseptic. By the time we made it home I really felt crappy and I still feel that way.

Jason has had to mow Mrs. Collins yard by himself. I had to run into town to get some lunch because we have nothing at the house. We still have to go grocery shopping and I am still on the couch. I got to feel better tomorrow because I have to make up 4 hours during the week so I can get off Friday at lunch.

We are going to see Saw V tomorrow if I feel better and.....Carl Edwards is doing his second backflip for this weekend!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My day Abrisitting

Monday had the opportunity to babysit my great neice Abriana, henceforth "Abrisitting".

I could take up an hour typing about our adventures but I will hit what amazed me the most about this 2 year old.

1) She insisted on walking down the stairs at the court house, only to say "Aunt KK help me". She thought she was big stuff.
2) She went from being happy to being 30 minutes past due on a nap in no time flat.
3) After the meltdown she woke up from her nap with a smile. How great is that!
4) She loved coloring and enjoyed the playdoh.
5) She told me she had to go tee tee but I was too slow. She was tee teeing as I was pulling down her pull-ups. I didn't know it until I stepped in it and slipped.
6) While watching cartoons she said "that's a dragon". How does a 2 year old know about dragons???
7) While watching cartoons she was asking about Sponge Bob and Chowder. Uncle Jason and her will talk like Schnitzel from the cartoon Chowder.
8) While I was cooking she told me "Aunt KK poo poo". I RAN to the bathroom. She is walking towards the bathroom and her hand is covering her butt....every other step she takes.....there are little poop balls falling out of her panties. I am laughing my a-- off as she is dropping poop over my floor. While taking her panties off poop is falling out. After she finished her job and I got her cleaned up I started picking up the poop. She stands there and asks me "Aunt KK what you doing?" When I told her I was picking up her poop she laughed.
9) Last but not least, while I am cooking she is in the kitching with me. The tv is on but no music is playing. I look at her and she is dancing in circles. I asked her what was she doing and she answered "I'm dancing Aunt KK".

This little girl remembers everything you say AND she will repeat most of it. She is proud to be wearing big girl panties and really tries to let you know she has to tee tee in time. When she starts talking about mommy, daddy, puddin and mommies/daddies house you can't stop her. She can name everybody in my picture collage.

With work being stressful and life being so busy it was extremely enjoying to play, watch cartoons and learn from a 2 year old. I can't wait until the next Abrisitting.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are we ready?

The deaths of the young people the past two weeks were sad to me but since I did not personally know them didn't really affect me. The recent accident and death of Dave Parker is different. Wednesday evening Dave was headed home from work. This is something each and every one of us who works does. What happened next is what has me down heartened and wondering if.

I am wondering if something were to happen to me tomorrow would my husband of almost 18 years know how much I love him. Yes we tell each other we love you but the words I love you come no where near the feeling of I love you. Does Dave's wife know this?

I am wondering if my mom would be able to handle loosing her youngest child. My sister doesn't live in town and my brother is usually busy with his own to be able to spend much time and do much with mom. I am the one she turns to..I guess in a way since loosing my dad many years ago I have become my mom's rock. Will Dave's mom be able to get over the loss of her youngest?

I am wondering if neices and nephew would truly know how much I am so proud of them. I tried to be a friend just as much as being Aunt Karen. They may not have always made the right decisions, none of us do. I always tried to support them in whatever it is they did. Will they be able to offer support to their dad, mom and grandmother? Will they know that I loved them? Will Dave's neices and nephews know this?

I am wondering will my neices tell my great neices (and any more great ?? that might come along) how proud I was to see them the first time. How being able to keep them helped fill the void that loosing Taylor left. Will Dave's son and soon to be baby remember the love that he had for them?

I am wondering if my friends (work, sports, close) know that if I ever made them mad, upset or let them down that it was never my intention for it to happen? I value friendships. Friendships (whether short term or life time) help us learn, develop and grow beyond our means. Does Dave's friends know this?

I am wondering if my family and friends will understand that I was ready to go. Will they understand that I will be happy to see my dad, Taylor, Scotty, Mrs. Furlough and all of those who pasted before me. Will they understand that I am where I want to be and that I will be there waiting.

I am not asking WHY I am just wondering........What are you wondering about?