Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nothing in Particular

This week started off by me going to see Dr. Cathey for my post op check-up with Dr. Cathey. He has released me to do whatever I want....bowl, ride my trike and mow. I worked 1/2 days this week and will start back full time this coming Monday. The mowing went okay, as long as I didn't hit the bumps in the yard too fast. Riding the trike was wonderful. Will try bowling for the first time next week.

Anthony, Kelly and Nora Claire is coming in the end of next week and I am SOOOO looking forward to seeing Nora Claire. Easter Sunday we are having everbody out by us for lunch. Stuffed pork loin, German potato salad, green bean bundles, steamed cauliflower, roma tomato/cauliflower/olive salad, and a couple different deserts. Jason makes the best stuffed pork loin......

The weekend of April 18th Jason will be putting our motorcycles in Motor Cycle Mania in Little Rock and I will be bowling in the women's state bowling tournament. The Thursday after that is the Track & Field Special Olympic games for Area 12. Then on Sunday my brother, Ked, Haley, Abriana and I are going to see Disney on Ice.

The first Saturday in May we will be attending Bikes, Bugs and Blues in El Dorado. We are putting our motorcycles in the bike show. The second weekend we are joining other Honda VTX owners and doing a ride around Hot Springs. The third weekend we will be going to Magnolia for a motorcycle show and steak cook-off. The Wednesday before Memorial Day we will be going to Searcy for the Special Olympic Summer Games. Both Jason and I will be riding our motorcyles during the ride in during opening ceremonies.

June is pretty quite. July 4th we may be riding the bikes down to Lake Livingston for the weekend. August 15th is Jason's 40th birtday. We will travel to Venice, LA for a day of inshore and a day of offshore fishing. We will actually be in the Gulf of Mexico fishing for tuna on his birthday. September is pretty weekend we will have our bikes in a bike show in Hot Springs and then we will be going to Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville from Thursday through Sunday.

If you notice there is really one thing missing from my schedule......bowling. After July I will no longer be Arkansas Women's State Board. Being on the board has become a job instead of something I love. I am taking the summer off from bowling and HOPE that when next year starts I will LOVE bowling.

Also, on March 31st we celebrated my oldest neice Ked's birthday. On Monday April 6th is Kelly's birthday and on April 22nd is Haley's birthday. To top this off, this year we have 4 big birthdays....June 8th mother turns 75, on December 23 my brother turns 50, on August 15th Jason turns 40 and in August Nora Claire turns 1. We will be having one big birthday party at the end of August.

Well that's it for now!