Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Saturday

My goal for this morning was to sleep at least until 9 a.m. Well I got to do it...but the phone rang at 9:09 a.m. I guess I shouldn't complain because it was past 9!

Around 9:30 I was hungry and wanted to go eat breakfast but the co-worker who wanted to buy our old lawn mowers called and he was coming over within the hour to pick them up. I guess I shouldn't coplain because we did sell the old mowers.

For lunch we went to Topp's and my brother joined us. After lunch it was off to Wal-Mart to buy stuff to make mini- burgers for supper. We also bought a palm tree. This is the third time this week we've been to Wal-Mart mainly for flowers, pots and soil.

After we ade it back home Jason re-potted 2 ferns, 2 small palm bushes, 1 palm tree and 3 calla lily bulbs. Next it was time to clean the back porch. It is amazing how much darn pollen made it to our outside table. Not only did Jason use the blower to clean the table he then grabbed the water hose and washed it off. I'm anxious to see how uch pollen will be back on the table tomorrow afternoon.

The wind was blowing pretty good so Jason pulled out the kite (bought so that Abriana could enjoy it). WELL......the kite is a big butterfly with long tails. The kite would make it up then it would vere to the right and then down it went. That happened a few more times and then Jason started getting pissed. By this time I was taking the kite up toward the higher part of our back yard and Jason would take off running with the kite. Worked...once. Okay...I was walking back up the hill and one of my boot shoe strings (were loosly tied I might add) got tangled with the other boot. Well when that happens I fall. I landed on my knees and hands and that scared the crap out of me. I was very still for a few seconds and was praying that I hadn't hurt my neck. Once I realized all was well I started laughing (this is the 2nd time this same exact thing had happend EXCEPT the first time was in the house and it hurt like h--- that time). Jason come up and was like...are you's your need to go ahead and go inside. Well Jason just had to take a picture of me!

For dinner we had mini-burgers and I put together fresh strawberries, blackberries, blue berries and kiwi and let them sit with suger over them. We put them on top of angel food cake with cool whip.

Right now I'm on my laptop and Jason is on his. It has truly been a great/relaxing/non stressful Saturday and my neck can sure tell ;). Tomorrow we are going to Hot Springs to take Jason's fuel tank back to the painter and Monday I have a follow up appointment in Little Rock.

Yes today was great!