Saturday, February 7, 2009

Opening Ceremonies

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning as I was leaving the hotel there were a contenciency of German atheletes in the lobby. One of the athelets come up and looked at my creditial and noticed I was family. He said good morning and (in German) I said good morning to him. He was very shocked that I spoke German (and it wasn't much). He went and found one of his coaches and we started talking. I was able to tell him (in German) that my mother was from Heidelburg and that I spoke a little German. He was able to tell me that he spoke a little English. Well in the 5 minutes I talked to the gentleman I found out that one of his brothers was married in Heidelburg and that he had a twin brother that lived in Pennsylvania and he created chocolate candy designs (sounds like Willie Wonka to me). That experience was so awesome.

Next, while I was waiting in line to get into the Expo Center there was a contengency from Austria, Japan and Sweden near. It was so cool to hear them speak in their native language. I did have to wonder though why the one Japanese lady was wearing a doctor's a matter of fact there were a few others.

Since I cannot download my pictures from my camera to my new laptop (didn't think about bringing the 35mm camera disc with me) I will hit the highlights. Sudan, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Kazakstan, Trinidad & Tobago, Morocco...these are just a few countries to start off. There were even some countries that I've never heard of before. Some countries had 20 atheletes and some only had 1. While the United States was coming in I found my brother and "neices" Marie & Neece.

Kenny G composed a song specially for the Opening Ceremonies and while I am not a Kenny G fan it was great. There were other celebraties also: Bart Conner, Nadia Comanechi, Scott Hamilton, Donna Devero, Kristi Yamaguchi, motivational speaker Tony Robinson, and of course Maria, Bobby and Tim Shriver.

The entertainment was also good. A group called Flame from NY performed. Each member is a special need person. The bass player is confined to a wheel chair. The drummer is blind (and he could play!), the back-up singers also had disabilities and then the lead singer is autistic. She could sing your socks off. There were a few other artists but I cannot remember their names.

Right before the torch made its way into the center various law enforcement officers come down onto the floor. They had atheletes from the continents run the torch and then an athelete whose brother is serving overseas got to light the cauldrin.

It was so cool to see the atheletes from different countries dancing & having a great time. There were some dance moves I've NEVER seen! Well the competitions start tomorrow and I can't wait. Of course I am here to see floor hockey but I also want to see speed skating, ice skating and snowshoeing. I guess I want to see it all. I also want to take just a little bit of time to see Boise and McCall. Downtown Boise is just so cozy. Lots of neat little shop and eating places. I look forward to going to McCall since that is in the mountains....with snow! There is an 80% chance of snow here on Tuesday.

Well it's 10:50 here and I have to be up at 6:30 in the morning so that is it for much to say that it just jumbles in my head.

To top off this trip......Taylor's birthday is tomorrow.....she would be 16!