Monday, February 16, 2009

Be A Fan

The next few posts will be tidbits of information on Special Olympics

BE A FAN..Special Olympics believes in creating communities around the world - placew where each person, regardless of ability or disability, is accepted and welcomed and where every individual contributes to the strength and vibrancy of the whole. The movement envisions unity built by the bonds of common acceptance, natural inclusion and joyful celebration of the intrinsic world where attitudes of FEAR, EMBARRASSMENT, PREJUDICE, PITY and INDIFFERENCE have given away to a prevailing atmosphere of GENUINE ACCEPTANCE, DIGINITY and CELEBRATION OF THE HUMAN RACE.

With sports at the core, Special Olympics has grown to be a movement that is not just about the largest disability population in the world, but about all of us. Sports is a universal language which unites people on and off the field of play, cutting across lines of race, religion, ethnicity, education level, social status and economic background.

The movement invites everyone to share in values that EVERYONE can appreciate: UNITY, ACCEPTANCE, EMPOWERMENT, DIGNITY, COURAGE, STRENGTH, INSPIRATION, DETERMINATION, PRIDE, CONFIDENCE and FUN. If you are a fan of sports that create unity, athletes who inspire and connections that foster acceptance, then YOU are already a fan of Special Olympics.

All around the world, peoples' lives have been changed for the BETTER as a result of their involvement in Special Olympics.

To celebrate this global vision of unity, Special Olympics has laucned the Be a fan (trademarked) campaign, a fully-integrated marketing campaign which invites the world to connect through sport.

"Be a fan" (trademarked) is the theme of the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games and will be seen throughout the world in advertising, at events, on uniforms, throughout our website ( and more. It is the goal of Special Olympics to reach more people who will not only celebrate dignity, acceptance and the human race, but will join and commit to our movement of change.