Monday, January 26, 2009

What Pisses Me Off!!!!!!!!

As you can tell by the title I am just a little pissed off at this moment.

I want to start by saying that I know that I have a car that has a one of a kind paint job. I also know that the paint job WAS NOT CHEAP.

Jason and I went to see Underworld 3 tonight (I loved it). There were, at the most, 15 cars in the parking lot. When we walked up to the car some f-----g -s- hole (pardon my language) had sprayed silly string on it...well just the back and top back of the car and my car was the only one that got hit. NOW, I personally know what shoe polish does to a car's paint but I do not know what the chemicals in silly string will do. Jason immediately drove to the car wash and washed the car.

Now what pisses me off the most is that some irresponsable IDIOT had decided to not take into consideration that the car has a one of a kind paint job and the only way the car can be "touched up" is to have the whole car painted again. I don't currently have an extra $5,000 on hand.

I will say this, I had a car that didn't have the expensive paint job I would probably be laughing. All I can say is that if I find out who did it......well I would not want to be them because I will not be as polite to them as I have been in this blog!

If you liked the previous Underworld's (my husband and my other neices husband thinks Kate Beckinsale is H O T) I would highly suggest going to see the movie. In the very near future I will own the first 3!


Michael said...

I'd be pissed to. People just don't give a damn about what they screw up when it's not theirs.

On a lighter note, yes that girl in Underworld is HOT. I never knew she had a name....... Kate huh? Has a nice ring to it.

The Perry Family said...

that's crap. that car is so pretty too, i sure hope it doesn't do damage. they probably thought it was some teenager's car or something and were jealous. people are stupid.

i'm a chick and I think kate beckinsale is hot! haha

ash said...

remind me to never make u mad!!! i dont understand people these respect at all even for themselves!!!

kate is HOTT!!!

bowling1 said...

Well today is a new day and I have a much better attitude :) :). I don't think it did any damage, so that has calmed me down tremendously!

Okay, Kate is hot. Have you guys seen her in Click with Adam Sadler? I feel another post with Hot Chick/Drop Dead Guys is coming....