Sunday, January 18, 2009

This & That

Well life at the Caldwell's is the same as it always is. Busy with work, Jason is working on his bike and we are patiently waiting to get our bike parts back from the painter.

With work, no matter how much overtime I put in or how many times I try to work from home (can't remote in from my laptop) I CANNOT get my head above water. I have so much to do that I have no ideal where to even begin.

I will be going to Dr. Steve Cathey a neurologist in NLR on Tusday for a bulging disc & bone spur in the neck. My neck now hurts more than it doesn't and it is to the point where I hurt after bowling so I don't want to bowl. I am anxious to see what he has to say and I am open to almost anything he will suggest.

The women's state bowling tournament in Ft. Smith will begin at the end of March and will run through the end of April. I will be going to Gautier/Biloxi the second weeekend in March for a tournament and I can't wait. A little bit of bowling, a little bit of seafood and maybe a little bit of gambling. I will also make time to drive to Crowley to see Kelly, Anthony and Nora Claire.

The calendar is quickly filling in with motorcycle shows. April is Motorcycle Mania in LR. May has one show in El Dorado and one in Magnolia. In May there is also the Special Olympics Summer Games. In September there is one in Hot Springs and one in Fayetteville.

Also this year the family has quite a few "special" birthdays. My mom turns 75 in June, my brother turns 50 in December, my husband turns 40 in August and my youngest great neice turns 1 in August. I am going to try to figure out a good Saturday to have a birthday party for all. My cousins from Chicago will try to come down for this.

For Jason's 40th he gets to pick what he wants to do. At first he wanted to go to Alaska to halibut fish but now he says he wants to inshore/offshore fish out of Venice.

Also, once we get the bike parts back and the bikes back together we want to do some bike trips. I am really excited about this since I've gotten my trike. I am way more comfortable on it and am very anxious to get back on my trike.

Well that's it for now. Hope everybody has been doing good!


ash said...

wow you sure stay busy!!! looking forward to seeing pics an updates on all of this

bowling1 said...

As you can see, one of the things I wanted to do in my pursuit of happyness is to slow down. Kinda don't see it happening BUT the majority of what will be going on will have nothing to do work with.

Hopefully we will have our motorcycle parts in a couple of weeks. I will shoot you some pictures once we get them back together!