Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's Up

Well it has been a while since I posted so I thought I would provide an update to what the Caldwell's have been up to.

A little more than a month ago Jason and I started the Slim Fast diet. We drink a shake for breakfast, have a low calorie morning snack, have a shake for lunch, have a low calorie afternoon snack and then for dinner we eat what we want. Since we no longer need leftovers for the next day we are cooking less at night. Our stomach's have shrunk and my pocketbook likes the cost savings. Earlier this year Jason was up to 335 - 340. Today he got on the scale and he weighed 295. He would like to get down to 275. Earlier this year I was 232 and as of this morning I was 214. I would like to get down to 200. For turkey day we are going down to Kelly's (cajun food). The first Tuesday in December I am going to New Orleans for a boat show (more cajun food). Needless to say that week and a half all I can do is hope I can excercise portion control. I know I can with the food but the time we are in New Orleans......the crown and coke will be the killer.

Mother is having cataract surgery tomorrow. My brother will pick her up @ 5:30 in the morning. I will pick her up and take her to her follow-up appt. I didn't realize how bad the cataracts were until last weekend. We were in West Little Rock and come up to an intersection. Between the street lights and traffic lights it was so bright mother had to put her hands over her eyes to block the light. I know she has been looking forward to having this surgery. I do hope it is a success.

Due to the neck it is suggest that I do not ride a snowmobile (bumps). Because of that I am toying between just going with the group snowmobiling then just hanging out in West Yellowstone OR going to the Special Olympics International games in Boise, ID. My brother is a coach for the Arkansas floor hockey team. While I would not be staying with him I would be spending most of the day and some of the evening either watching the team or hanging out with him. CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES.

How come it is that recently I've received a big commission check and bonus check from work, know I need to pay off a credit card, invest some money and buy both Jason and I new clothes (smaller sizes) but I can't seem to get motivated to do it.

I've gotten x-mas gifts already for Jason's dad, my mom, 2 of my 3 neices, 1 great and one great neice. Having the money has afforded me to go ahead and start buying. OH, I truly love Overstock.com. I've recently ordered 650ct Egyptian cotton sheets and I tell you they are awesom. I also just got a couple of down pillows. We will see how they sleep tonight. I ordered a king size down comforter and man-o-man.....

I am loving my trike. More discussion on this will have to come in another post.

Last but not least Jason and I did go hunting this weekend. Both days I saw does and a 3-point. Jason saw a spike and 3 does. For those of you who have been to our house the rule has always been you can't shoot a deer from the back deck unless it has horns.........well tonight Jason took a step out of the back door and shot a 7-point.

All in all.......life is good!


Michael said...

I'm jealous of the 7 point, I think I need to come and drink some beer on your deck in the next week or two.

bowling1 said...

You can come drink some beer and sit on the back deck BUT the rule at our house is......the next deer taken from the back deck has to be bigger than a 7-point.

Heck this past weekend I saw does galore. As a matter of fact if a doe comes out Saturday morning I just might shoot it. I would really like to get a buck.....but deer meat is deer meet!

The Perry Family said...

congrats on the weight!! i can't seem to get myself motivated again.haha i soooo want to lay on those sheets just to fill them...we have 350 ct sateen sheets that i love, so i can only imagine yours! :)

bowling1 said...

You end up paying a bit more for the 650 ct Egyptian sheet but in my opinion they are WELL worth it. You ought to check out overstock.com and look for the sheets. When you look at what they normally sell for and what overstock.com is selling them for you will want to order them. As a matter of fact I just bought some 850 ct (not egyption) that was regularly around $149 and I bought them for $70. I can't wait till I get them.

RD said...

hmmmmmm, Boise Idaho, Boise State University Blue Football Field. Oky, Oky, I don't know if I could come up with the words to describe how you will feel by attending the Special Olympics International Winter Games. Nothing that you have seen here in Arkansas can compare. Plus you get to see your favorite brother!

bowling1 said...

Let's just hope that they believe that I am Maria's aunt........ I really think if I attend the Winter Games that next year you should go snowmobiling with us. I can't explain the beauty or the cold. Like you said "nothing you have seen here in Arkansas can compare".