Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2009 Special Olympics World Games

I want to start off by saying that my brother will be going to the World Games as a coach for the Arkansas floor hockey team. When I finally realized that Jason and I wouldn't be going snowmobiling (sob, sob) I jokingly told my brother that I am going to Boise. He made the suggetion to try to register through family services. Well I did knowing I probably wouldn't be accepted.

I got wonderful news today. My "family" application for the 2009 Special Olympics World Games has been approved. I will be attending the games from February 7 - 14 in Boise, ID. I hope to fly in on February 6th and fly out the day of February 14th. I will be attending the opening ceremonies but will miss the closing ceremonies. Since I am a "family" member I will have tickets for the opening ceremonies and all of the games that the floor hockey team will be playing.

I am happy that I will get to see snow again!!! Just won't be the same not going out into the wilderness on a snowmobile. I am happy that I will be able to spend some time with my brother. Yes brother I do enjoy doing things with you and I think this is going to be AWESOME.

I am apprehensive though. Taylor (our daughter) was a special needs child. While it has been 14 years since she passed away I ALWAYS get a little emotional getting to see the participants in action. I often find myself wondering that if Taylor would still be here that Jason and I might be attending the numerous Special Olympics events with her. While the majority of time you will never know how much I miss her, attending this will be tough.

I will be purchasing my plane ticket, reserving a car and booking a hotel tomorrow. I can't wait...Before I even think about Boise here is my schedule through the end of the year:

November 21 - November 23 bowling tournament in Tulsa, OK
November 26 - November 30 Thanksgiving with Kelly in Crowley, LA

December 2 - December 5 International Workboat Show in New Orleans, LA
December 6 - Hot Springs dropping off motorcycle parts & staying overnight to celebrate our 18th anniversary

January 1 - January 4 Inshore fishing in Venice, LA

During all of this time I will be working, bowling and enjoying the holidays. You know it seems like I am already looking forward to 2009!


A.J. Huffman said...

Wow, I did not know that about Taylor. I'll be thinking about ya when you go to Boise.

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