Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My day Abrisitting

Monday had the opportunity to babysit my great neice Abriana, henceforth "Abrisitting".

I could take up an hour typing about our adventures but I will hit what amazed me the most about this 2 year old.

1) She insisted on walking down the stairs at the court house, only to say "Aunt KK help me". She thought she was big stuff.
2) She went from being happy to being 30 minutes past due on a nap in no time flat.
3) After the meltdown she woke up from her nap with a smile. How great is that!
4) She loved coloring and enjoyed the playdoh.
5) She told me she had to go tee tee but I was too slow. She was tee teeing as I was pulling down her pull-ups. I didn't know it until I stepped in it and slipped.
6) While watching cartoons she said "that's a dragon". How does a 2 year old know about dragons???
7) While watching cartoons she was asking about Sponge Bob and Chowder. Uncle Jason and her will talk like Schnitzel from the cartoon Chowder.
8) While I was cooking she told me "Aunt KK poo poo". I RAN to the bathroom. She is walking towards the bathroom and her hand is covering her butt....every other step she takes.....there are little poop balls falling out of her panties. I am laughing my a-- off as she is dropping poop over my floor. While taking her panties off poop is falling out. After she finished her job and I got her cleaned up I started picking up the poop. She stands there and asks me "Aunt KK what you doing?" When I told her I was picking up her poop she laughed.
9) Last but not least, while I am cooking she is in the kitching with me. The tv is on but no music is playing. I look at her and she is dancing in circles. I asked her what was she doing and she answered "I'm dancing Aunt KK".

This little girl remembers everything you say AND she will repeat most of it. She is proud to be wearing big girl panties and really tries to let you know she has to tee tee in time. When she starts talking about mommy, daddy, puddin and mommies/daddies house you can't stop her. She can name everybody in my picture collage.

With work being stressful and life being so busy it was extremely enjoying to play, watch cartoons and learn from a 2 year old. I can't wait until the next Abrisitting.


Ked said...

Hahaha!!! What a great way to start a new day! I laughed so much that I had tears in me eyes.

HALEY said...

So I know you say you are ready to keep her again, but is that for over night or just during the day????

Michael said...

Sounds like an interesting adventure. She's already growing up so fast.....