Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Hubby

Yesterday was Jason's birthday. We didn't do anything spectacular. Grilled hamburgers over at Rickie's. Jason's mom & dad, my mom, Haley & Abriana were there. Jason's mom made a fish cake for him and it sure was cute.

The spectacular part of his birthday happens next Thursday - Sunday. Thursday we leave to meet a bowling buddy of mine in LR then we are headed to Bristol, TN for the Nascar night races. The Bush race (not Bush any more) will be held Friday night and Saturday night is the Nextel race. We are in the Darryl Waltrip seats Section S Row 40. From what I can tell on the web-site this is half-way between turns. We will see everybody come onto pit row on one side and exit pit row on the other.

We've been to the Bush races in Memphis and have been to one Nextel race at Talladega. We are excited about it being a night race (cooler) and a short track. We will take plenty of pictures!

Now how will I top this birthday next year (40th).........Halibut fishing in either Alaska or the west coast!


Nora's Mommy said...

I really like this picture. It makes Anthony look a little creepy, but it's a good one. Tell him sorry she didn't come on his birthday, but they can still celebrate together.

bowling1 said...

I got this feeling we will have to have an Uncle Jason, Nora Claire, Abriana birthday party one of these years!

Michael said...

Sorry I missed Jason's Birthday. I remember seeing it on your Myspace calendar and telling myself I would at least call. Unfortunately, that's as far as I got....... Sounds like he had/will have a good one. Sounds like next year will be good too!

Blake said...

Sounds like you two are going to have a blast. BUT I think that since next year is the big 40 and you are planning such a great trip that you should take all the nieces and their husbands (or boyfriend for Ked unless she gets married between now and then) with

Jenny Sipes said...

Oh I will definitely be posting my teams progress on my blog...hate to hear that yall are going to Thursday nights...:(