Friday, August 29, 2008

Here we come

What do you call two ladies that are headed down to south Louisiana with Gustav headed that way? The first word that comes to my mind is CRAZY but since I am one of those ladies I will use the word determined.

You see my great neice Nora Claire was born last Wednesday afternoon and I haven't had the opportunity to be "offically" introduced to her. Jason and I were in Bristol, TN last weekend for the Nascar races. Thursday, Friday & Saturday night when we made it back to the house we were staying at the first thing I did was check for photo's of her.

Tomorrow morning around 6:00 a.m. Blake Burns (the "other" neice who doesn't get Christmas gifts) and I are headed out. We should be there by 11:00 a.m. Hopefully Nora Claire will be up and waiting but if not we are on HER schedule. Blake and I have already been tasked to babysit Saturday night for a couple of hours. I got the feeding and Blake has the diaper changing!

Now back to Gustav......I am about 90% for sure that Kelly and Nora Claire will be coming back with us for the week. Nobody wants them two traveling by themselves. Anthony will stay unless a parish evacuation is issued. The original plan was to leave Monday after lunch BUT now it is totally being determined by how fast Gustav moves. The earliest we will leave will be Sunday evening and the latest will be Monday mid-morning. We will not be traveling the main highways so hopefully the traffic won't be too bad.

A ticker tape parade for our arrival back into Monticello will not be necessary!


Shelley said...

I can't WAIT to get my camera after that precious girl!!! Be careful, and we will see ya when you all return!

And good luck with Blake.....don't let her tell the bubble story...

RD said...

that's my about blake, well she did/does hang around the donham girls!

Blake said...

First of all, thanks for calling us determined instead of

Second of all, I have no idea what Shelley is talking about...Bubble? What bubble...??? lol

bowling1 said...

As long as Blake does not snore then we will be okay....unless she blows snot bubbles while she is asleep!

Now for the Donham girls......I like to think that I taught them a couple of bad habits or two, most of which I am sure I picked up from rd :)

bowling1 said...

Well the "crazy & determined" ladies have safely made it to Crowley. There was time period I thought we weren't going to make it. I had 5 pieces of Bubbalicious in my mouth and when I blew a bubble I thought it was going to pop into my face......that would not have been pretty!

I haven't been worried about the trip down here UNTIL outside of Alexandria there were WAY many more cars headed north and about 5 headed south. Heck after stopping and looking at my front windshield Blake & I realized that even the bugs were headed north!

Catagory 4........trip back might actually happen tomorrow now.

Shelley said...

come back you crazy women!!!!!