Sunday, June 22, 2008


We didn't get to mow yesterday morning becuase the grass was too damp. The yard we mow Jason bags the front & back. When the grass is damp it will clog his catcher...I went to work and then we went to LR with Rickie (my brother).

We went to 7th Street Tattoo first. I had 1 1/2 hour wait but it was worth it. My wrist tattoo is completed (will have pics soon). Rickie says he I failed to tell him about that portion of the trip...I thought I did. I have to remember he is turning 49 in December and his memory must be going. Needless to say he wasn't real happy.

Next we headed out to The Fresh Market. By now it was 5:30 and I am starving. It was like I wanted to buy everything I saw. We ran to Academy real quick for Rickie to look for new shirts. He came out empty handed but Jason got a wireless cooking thermostat he has been wanting.

We headed to Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse. The sushi was great, the soup sucked and the salad was a bit better. Rickie and I had the filet minon with fried rice and man was it good. We then went to my mostest favorite store BEST BUY!!! I got what I thought was SAW, SAW II, SAW III and SAW IV. What I got was two of SAW II and none of SAW III. Oh well. We looked for a WII (Jason is wanting to buy me one for my birthday) but they had none in stock. Besides their price is the same as our Wal-Mart. I got the new Madonna, The Offspring and Three Days Grace. I've listed to Three Day's Grace and will listen to Madonna tomorrow. The Offspring is for Jason.

We made it home around 11:30. We got up at 7:30 a.m. to go grocery shopping. We made it over to Mrs. Collins to mow around 9:30 a.m. and got through about 12:45 p.m. I am an unusual person. My soul is most at peace when I am either in a boat on the water or mowing. Tonight we had my mom, Rickie and Ked (neice) over for dinner. Since Ked will not be able to come to dinner Wednesday night (my birthday dinner) I decided to have something tonight. All was good.

Well it's off to watch SAW...........gosh I love those movies!


Blake said...

Thanks for asking your other neice and her husband to dinner, too! lol I can't wait to see your tattoo, I bet it looks great! Oh, and I wondered how you talked Rickie in to going to 7th Street with I know!

Michael said...

So..... did Rick get a tattoo???

bowling1 said...

Rickie said that I did not mention to him that we were stopping by 7th Street to finish my tattoo. I will SWEAR that I mentioned it because that was the first stop. He was a little mad but by the after shopping at The Fresh Market and stopping by Academy he seemed to be not as mad.

I couldn't talk him into a tattoo but I've narrowed down my next one to Oompa Loompa on my right ankle or a barbed wire with a single rose running through it on my left writst. Jason already has his picked out...a tribal tattoo on his right forearm (going to be big). We are just waiting for Inksplosion next year.

The Perry Family said...

Hey girl!! I'm a saw fan too! Chris and I have went to the movies to see them all when they came out. That's saying a lot, b/c Chris hates to go to the movies! Can't wait to see your tattoo now that it is finished!

bowling1 said...

I think all 4 Saw's are just great. I was reading somewhere that for the next 2 years there will be a Saw released in October and I can't wait.

I had to laught at your Chris comment. He really doesn't look like the movie theatre type of guy.

Within the next week or two I am going to take pictures of the tattoo and post them. It looks really good. Now I am trying to decide on my next tattoo.....either a barbed wire with a single rose running through it on my left wrist OR an Oompa Loompa on my right ankle.....