Sunday, June 29, 2008

This weekend

Friday we ate dinner with my brother (Rickie). When we got home Jason washed his bike and I got on the computer. Jason was going to a bike & car show in Malvern. I decided that I was going and put my car in the show instead of working.

Saturday we got up and stopped by Crackerbox by Western Pines. For some reason I decided to check the weather channel on my phone. From about Little Rock north it showed a bunch of rain. After Jason saw the picture he decided that we shouldn't go. We then went and had breakfast at Lena's. I went to work and Jason went home. While I was hard at work Jason was having fun playing the Wii. About 4 I called Jason and he come up to help move my desk around. We ended up eating dinner in Star City at the bbq place with my mother and Rickie. As always the food was excellent. Where else can you go and order: 2 appetizers, a full slab of ribs, a skillet dinner, 2 deserts and 2 drinks and it only cost $42.00? Then Jason and I went to Wal-Mart to buy a new game for the Wii. We ended up buying the gun and the Trophy Buck hunting game. We also bought a cd/dvd book shelf. The hunting game is MUCH harder than what we thought. We ended up playing bowling, baseball and golf. I won the bowling, got lucky on baseball and Jason whooped my a.. on golf. We ended staying up till 11:30 p.m. Jason and I NEVER stay up that late. I guess the kid in us is coming out.

Sunday we slept until 8:30 a.m. and then I got up to make a grocery list. We ate lunch at Young's, went grocery shopping and then come back home. We wasn't going to do ANYTHING but we ended up sweeping/vacuuming the house and moping the kitchen floor. I am so fortunate that I have a husband that helps in every aspect around the house. We ended up watching the end of the Nascar race (Kurt Bush is a lucky s.. of a b....). My mom had to drop her car off at Earl's Transmission close to Star City so we picked her up. Rickie had invited us over for dinner. I made guacomole and he grilled hamburgers. Again, everything was sooooo good. Now we are at home and Jason is on the Wii (he has played it more than I have and it was his b-day present to me).

Next week at work is a short week at work. Jason and I leave July 4th and head to Venice, LA to inshore (Saturday) and offshore (Sunday) fish. We are staying at the cabin Monday to put up the fish (hopefully) and rest.

I really liked this weekend. I got to work (needed to go back in) and enjoyed some time just doing nothing with Jason. One of these days I am going to realize that work is not everything. Until then though.........