Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3, 2008

Finally figured out how to get back to my comments needed :)


Michael said...

Good to see you on here, now get to posting something!

Oh by the way, I am not crazy! I am currently without a job. So You will have to find another car salesman..... The bike is the only liuidable asset I have at the moment which can be quickly liquidated! Ya follow?

And No, I AM NOT happy with it AT ALL !!!

bowling1 said...

Posting.....I hope that just as soon as league bowling is through in a few weeks I will have more time for me keeping my blog up to date.

As for another salesman....I don't want another one. I want you to go work for a Chevrolet/Saturn dealer so that in a couple of years when I'm ready for my Solstice/Sky I can get it from you. Next time I won't be as easy to work with though....